Buy Better, Sell smarter and Profit More.

Pasco Foods supplies restaurants, club stores and foodservice distributors, and other food establishments.  With our 30 years of experience in restaurant operations with full service, fast food and fast casual, we have a thorough understanding of front and back of the house restaurant operations. We partner with our customers to help them grow their business with innovative menu additions, and help tailor our unique products to your menu.

We assist you to find profitable menu additions to maintain your current customers and attract new ones. And we don’t stop there, we also work with foodservice distributors, provide private label options and various pack sizes to meet your specific needs.

We are a leading provider of private label and foodservice supply of high quality exotic foods, including: pineapple, hearts of palm, and french-fried/crispy-fried onions. With our continuing commitment to new technologies and attentive service, Pasco Foods is constantly focused on delivering value to our customers across the globe. And our decades of experience serving buyers, retailers and restaurants, we have the depth, experience and future vision to help you buy better, sell smarter and profit more.

  • Pasco Foods provides foodservice solutions for the following foods:
    French fried/crispy fried onions, imported from Holland
    » gluten free French fried onions available
    » organic crispy fried onions available
  • IQF Pineapple chunks, dices and tidbits, imported from Costa Rica (click for brochure)
    » conventional and organic MD2 varieties available on a year-round basis
  • Hearts of palm, imported from Costa Rica
    » All natural delicacy great for soups, salads, or just straight out of the bag

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